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About Us

About Us

 Southeastern Carpenters Training Trust is committed to maintaining a tradition of quality craftsmanship by providing the highest quality of training to those interested in a career in the various carpentry and millwright fields. This training offers a pathway to career opportunities for the next generation of Carpenters and Millwrights. 


 Southeastern Carpenters Training Trust is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for our members and to meet the training needs of our participating employers, including training certifications in the skills needed for journeyman to advance in their chosen field, as well as necessary retraining enhancements for new and emerging technologies.

We firmly believe that to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing technology in our industry that our members must have broadly marketable skills and become highly productive to achieve their full potential. 



*Any members who are residing in North and South Carolina who will be affected by hurricane Florence are more than welcome to come to the  Augusta or Atlanta training centers. Contact Shon Douglas for Augusta and Menandro Martinez for Atlanta.*

 Please be sure to wear work attire to class, includes work boots and safety glasses. 

All room reservations must be made one week in advance.​​ Any conflicts arising from hotel rooms will result in disciplinary action.​​


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